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Power From the SON needs your Help! Providing electricity to hospitals and schools in remote areas requires all types of skills at the site and at home. It requires material from generous companies who have the vision to help others with donations of surplus and obsolete materials.



After accepting a project, Power From the SON takes the first step in the process of electrification: a preliminary visit to the site, to map and determine the best method of service for the unique project. Funding from individuals and from grants is secured. PFS then contacts our electric industry partners, giving them a list of needed materials. We keep our preliminary design flexible, so we can make use of any surplus or obsolete materials our partners have on hand. PFS then buys the remaining material, marshals it, and prepares it for shipment. The shipment is then tracked and coordination is worked out with our contacts in country. Once received, the material must be transported to the work site.


While the material needs are being addressed, PFS must determine the manpower needs. This involves volunteers that will do the work on site, as well as recruitment and coordination with the people in country. As the construction date approaches, it’s time to make travel arrangements, acquire travel visas and insurance, and meet all immunization requirements. Team members must be advised on what to bring on the trip, as well as what to expect during the journey.


It takes a wide variety of skills and dedication to complete an electrical system in a remote area. We need you, if you want to lend a helping hand. Our dream is to have multiple design and construction teams that can provide this service in many different parts of the world. If you have a desire to contribute just a little—or a calling to help change the world—there is a place for you in Power From the SON.



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Solomon Electric Company

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Preston Kissman – System Design Manager

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